Bamboo Bay; An Ethical Board-riders Brand


If you know me, you’ll know that Hossegor is my “happy” place and I take any opportunity I can to get over there. I somehow managed to swindle a few days off work at the start of October last year to catch the end of the Quikpro- which I actually missed by 24 hours…typical. By the time I arrived Hossegor was a ghost town. Everybody had packed up and left for the Rip Curl Pro in Portugal and the only reminiscence of the previous days madness was the hangovers everyone was carrying around with them.

 Still- I couldn’t complain, I was in Hossegor, the weather was beautiful and I was staying at Carwyn Williams surf house, just outside of town in Seignosse. It was here that I first met Ludi and Amy (Christened ‘Whitey’ by Carwyn for her amazing tanning abilities). Although in all honesty, that long weekend is all a bit hazey- I do know for sure that this duo are a pair of the nicest, funniest, craziest people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. They are obviously blessed with some good brains as well as creativity as they are the creators and driving force behind Bamboo Bay, the ethical board riders brand from Brighton, UK.

Funnily enough, I’d seen a few of their t-shirts featured on an Australian blog I follow a few weeks beforehand so I was a bit surprised to find out the brand was from good old Blighty. As per my inquisitive nature I was keen to find out how this duo had formed and where their idea for Bamboo Bay had come from, and how it had turned into the growing brand it now is.


Tell me a bit about how you guys met and how the brand came to be?

Me and Amy (whitey) met on a snowboard season in St Anton Austria a few years back. We both love board sports and going around the world living that lifestyle.

The whole thing started with an idea Amy had about opening a ethical board riders shop because she noticed that a few of the big brands like Element were doing small ethical/organic ranges. She loved the idea of this and thought it would be a good idea to start a shop selling solely ethical clothing hand picked by her.

I was helping out and we were both working full time so it was a side project. We looked more into it and found some other brands in the US and started putting together a business plan. After we planned it all out it was looking quite far fetched at the time and the rent in Brighton for a shop was crazy so we basically just started researching more into ethical fashion and got some samples and started doing our own brand instead because we felt passionately about it and thought it was a bit of a cop out from the big brands doing small ethical ranges then using none ethical materials for the masses of what they produced! Pretty hypocritical really. So we thought we would do it all ethical and it would be a great way for us to do our own thing while still being involved with board riding :) Happy days!

What inspires you as a creative couple?

We both love putting our own stamp on the brand and we do a lot of the designs ourselves. We love the idea that we can contribute to a market that we have been involved with as consumers for our whole lives and make some changes in the way we see clothing and hopefully show other brands it can be affordable to be eco friendly.


How has the brand grown in the last few years and has the original concept changed much?

We have only been going for a year properly and its going really well. We are getting a bit of attention now and pop up all over the place. We are in quite a lot of shops all over the UK and now getting into shops in France in resorts and things like that. We also sell online at our own shop of course and its growing well. Our concept hasn’t changed at all yet and we will always be committed to being an ethical brand and being fun and hopefully original. Our big plans are to be able to remain travelling and riding in amazing spots all around the world while spreading the word of Bamboo Bay and getting the brand to grow. We would also love to get involved in more events and put our own ones on too soon. We just want to keep having fun with it and exploring and meeting amazing people, we never set out to get mega rich or anything, it just beats an office job!

If you want to get your hands on some of Ludi and Amy’s threads, head over to Bamboo Bay.
You can also follow their adventures on their blog, Facebook and Instagram!

(all photos credit to Bamboo Bay)

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